Tuesday, May 12, 2009

An EXTRA 10% off!!!

I love good deals so we are offering you a GREAT deal!!! We'll probably never do this kind of offer again so take advantage.

If you book your cupcake order & secure it with a 20% deposit by this Saturday we'll give you an EXTRA 10% off. If your order is less then $100 you'll be able to get the discount by paying in full.

So just to give you a scenario:

You order 17 doz. cupcakes for $204. You will already get a discount of $20.40 (10%)because of how many you order. So your price will be $183.60 BUT then the additional 10% is $18.36 which will equal $165.24. That is $38.76 in SAVINGS!!! Your deposit amount would be off the final price so for this amount it would be $33.05.

We are excited to offer this...we've also had a lot of wedding inquiries so be sure to book yours first. We can only do so many weddings the same weekend. By paying your deposit it will secure your wedding.

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